Welcome to Loola Loves

Welcome to Loola Loves


I'm Louise, founder of Loola Loves. I couldn't be happier to launch this shiny new website for my independent gift shop. Over the past couple of years I have loved introducing my customers to the talented, vibrant selection of independent brands that I work with; through markets, pop-up shops and social media. Now it's time for Loola Loves to make it's mark on the world of online shopping!

You can find out more about how this business came to be in the 'About Us' section. I will be updating this blog with lots of interesting content - behind the scenes, meet the makers, inspiring things to look out for and recommendations from me covering a little bit of everything.

I feel so passionate about the designers and products that you see in my shop. Hopefully you'll stumble across a few items that truly stand out to you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and visit our website. I love to learn more about my customers - please connect with Loola Loves on social media:

Have a great day!

Louise x
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