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Lisa Junius

Cosmic Woman Tarot

Cosmic Woman Tarot

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The Cosmic Woman Tarot is about reuniting with the goddess within and nature, aligning the mind with the universe and diving into the depths of dream and imagination.

  • Complete 78-card deck, includes Major and Minor Arcana.
  • Includes a foldable mini-guide.
  • Sturdy two-piece box.
  • Full-colour, full-bleed on 350 gsm card stock, linen finish with rounded corners.

    Blue. Dreamy. Women's. Nature. This is what Lisa Junius's work is all about. She wants to inspire calmness, strength, inner power and a connection to the natural. From tarot decks to prints, ceramics to enamel mugs and pins to Washi tape, her world expands to many different materials and products.

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