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Marc Jackson

Goons of the Galaxy - Collected Edition

Goons of the Galaxy - Collected Edition

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A 72 page, full colour perfect bound comic collecting together issues 1-4 of Goons of the Galaxy, plus bonus content not found anywhere else. This comic is a must-read for fans of adventure, excitement and all things stupid!

Join Jerry Jetflash on his quest to replace the blue milk from his Uncle Larp’s fridge. Along the way, you’ll meet such odd-balls as Kliff Richard (a blue alien who enjoys Yoga) Pooba Frisco, the outer-space second-hand rocket salesman and The Droop, a tentacled blob of terror!

Imagine a cross between the Muppet Show and Star Wars and you are ready for blast-off!

Suitable for all-ages

‘The War and Peace of stupid space comics’ Kevin McCarthy - writer of Circuit Breaker from Image comics.

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