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Space Ranger - Build & Play Set

Space Ranger - Build & Play Set

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The kids can have hours of fun with this Build & Play set from Play Press Toys! Consisting of an adventurous explorer & space ship, for them to build into 3D figures. All parts are interchangeable encouraging them to use their imaginations and fine motor skills.

Play Press Toys are entirely plastic free and produced using sustainable materials.

  • The space ranger set is made of 41 pieces, is fully compatible with the space station and the space character set.

  • It includes a space ‘explorer’ enabling further imaginative play as the ranger flies through space.

  • The hatch door is fully functioning, enabling access to the cabin and cockpit to move your explorer in and out of the ranger.

  • The ranger includes fully decked out interior and is fully compatible with the astronaut and robots set and docks into into the Play Press Space Station.

  • Pack size -  15cm x 15cm x 1.6cm

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